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Little gems

on January 8, 2015

I just received this from a Facebook friend in Japan.


What a nice start of a New Year. I am delighted to receive such a kind, surprise gift.

These are candies with sheep design. Aren’t they lovely?

They are made in the same way as Rock candy commonly sold at tourist (usually seaside) resorts in the UK (like Brighton, Tenby or Blackpool).

In Japan, we call this type of candies “kintaro- ame”.

Kintaro, often translated as “Golden Boy”, is the legendary child, folk hero from Japanese folklore.
Kintarō-ame (Kintaro candy) is a traditional Japanese candy with a cylinder-shape, still produced in Japan and originating during the Edo Period, almost 400 years ago. After being sliced, the cylinder’s cross-section shows an almost exact replica of the face. In Japan, when people look identical, they are referred to as “like Kintaro-ame”, as in the English expression, “spitting image”. These days, you get to see many different designs such as cartoon characters, varieties of flowers/fruits. Even custom made candies with brides-and-grooms faces are given as wedding favors sometimes.


They are so pretty.

I wouldn’t say they are totally free from artificial colouring, but you need to have fun in your life sometimes.

In fact, I wouldn’t eat them anyway. They are too pretty to eat.

The ones I received have pictures of sheep.

She also showed me the photo from the previous year. This set can be a nice gift for a horse lover.
image1 (1)

When I see something like this, I feel a joy. We, the humankind know how to enjoy life, don’t we?

The package came with a fortune. I got “dai-kichi”, which means super lucky!IMG_7419

2 responses to “Little gems

  1. Oh wow, how lovely! And I don’t think that I would want to eat the candy either!

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