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Looking back

on December 29, 2014

Noah’s ark with my Safari book animals

Christmas came and gone. I hope everyone had a lovely time.

With a new year approaching, we think back on the events this year has brought and start making up the resolutions for the next year.

I received fantastic gifts this year; my achievement of publishing two books!

My idea of making knitted safari was born during the last trip to Japan which was taken place four years ago. The book has come a long way. I had brought oddments of yarn to knit on the airplane and at my parents’.

My attempt to make animals started in much larger sizes. They look all right as an individual toy, but my Safari park would end up very big with them.


I had many many trial and errors.

I remember the camel I made. I spend hours making it, but it turned out hideous. At one stage of making up, it resembled a human male organ, and my mum and my boys had a good laugh.

Well, someone found it amusing at least.

I decided to make all animals much smaller than usual toy knits. That way, I could use good quality yarn for nice finish. I so dislike buying cheap yarn for knitting toys.
This one is my very first set. I listed on Etsy and it was sold on the same afternoon. This is also the very first item I ever sold on Etsy.


I knitted animals again and again with improvements made here and there. I also knitted the entire mat again to let the animals stand out more. It was my editor’s suggestion and I think she was absolutely right. Spot the difference in the photos below.

The book was finally published this summer.
When I found problems with some of the patterns in the Safari book recently, although minor, I was utterly disappointed and distressed. I could not look at the book for a while. But I do believe this is still a fantastic book and I love it even more for it like a problematic child. (Please consult correction page on my website or Search Press website if you have a copy of currently circulating printed book.)

And my second achievement; Mini knitted woodland followed.

And this is the highlight of my year.

screenshot 2014-09-26 19.22.18.png2

I cannot tell you how excited when I saw this poster!

And thanks to the hard work by the sales team, the safari book’s German rights has gone through. The book will be published in German, too!

And of course, I would love it so much to be translated into Japanese. It is my dream, but I think dreams do come true if you want it bad enough to happen. It has to happen!

I would like to thank God and everyone who involved in making these fantastic books this year.

And everyone who has been supporting me with kind comments through social networks!

Thank you very very much!

6 responses to “Looking back

  1. Oh wow, I love those knitted giraffes! Well done on achieving so much!

  2. Dave Wedler says:

    Thank you for the corrections. You’ve done a great job this year. Good luck in the future.

  3. Amazing knitting work, Sachi-san! They look so cute and so awesomely made! Freaking nuts! ^_^

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