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Our Christmas food shopping

on December 11, 2014


Celebrating Christmas is a tough job.
Shopping can be fun but stressful at the same time.

I do not enjoy supermarket shopping at this time of the year and I know I am not the only one. Crowds and the quantities everyone buys is utterly amazing. For every Christmas, many of us over buy, over stock, over eat and drink.

Since all my relatives live in Japan, we don’t need to stock up food for holidays, but to avoid the hassle of food shopping, I decided to visit a Chinese supermarket. I cook Asian most of the time, and my boys love going there, too.

We have Wing Yip superstore about an hour away from us.
It was a lovely, sunny day.
Photo 06-12-2014 11 38 20

They have rows of frozen ingredients. We usually buy Natto (fermented soy beans), Wanton wrappers, Udon noodles and seafood. You also see very interesting things here as pigs’ feet (!) and chicken feet(!).

Photo 06-12-2014 11 53 24

And here are my boys’ favorite, instant noodles! They are considered to be a junk food but very tasty.
Photo 06-12-2014 11 56 36

Biscuits and sweets,
Photo 06-12-2014 11 58 11

and more interesting dried ingredients for cooking.
Photo 06-12-2014 12 04 15

You can get large bags of rice here in the warehouse. They have a variety of rice from all over the world, but we like Sushi rice and bought 20 kg bag. That will last us a while.
Photo 06-12-2014 12 23 37 (1)
Photo 06-12-2014 12 23 17

My younger son is a very fussy eater and doesn’t eat much veggies or fruits, but he eats some of the Asian vegetables happily.

And he loves this. Wasabi peas! I have never seen such a large jar of Wasabi peas. It is £11.00 worth.
Photo 06-12-2014 12 06 40

Maybe I should have gotten him one for Christmas.

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