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Mini knitted toys book

on December 2, 2014

Recently, my book editor did a photo session for my third book, “Mini Knitted Toys”.
This is just one short session for the provisional book cover. The book is not scheduled until next year, and it is still at the very early stage, but we needed a photo for the Search Press book catalogue. We decided to shoot a book cover looking photo. I appreciate their extra time and effort very much.

This book contains many many patterns. Originally, we started with the 96 pages format just as the Safari and Woodland book, but there are too many projects that we just couldn’t drop. The pages have been increased.

Since the toys are in different sizes in different styles, it is quite a challenge just to shoot a fake cover page. But Search Press art team is fantastic, and I know I am in good hands.

See them working very hard.

You know you will get patterns for the items you see here of course, but the book has so many patterns, about 30 of little toys. And there will be another mini book, “20 to make tiny toys” from Search Press 20 to make series. That makes 50 patterns all together. I have been submitting patterns to Knit Now magazine on top of these and that is why I haven’t released any individual PDF’s on my web shops although I get requests here and there. I hope my readers will understand.

I enjoy writing patterns, but it isn’t an easy job.
I just found that my first book, “Mini Knitted Safari” contains errors. Majority of the readers have found the way around, but if you are having trouble, please see the correction page on my website; or on the on the Search Press website. This is a bit of an accident occurred during the editing.

if you are already working on animals from the book and pulling your hair out because of this part of the pattern, please forgive me. I made many animals over and over again to check the numbers of stitches and rows, and we did work very hard to make the patterns error-free, working with a pattern checker.

And I will keep on making progress.

It is a lot of fun creating books. I am looking forward to be working with the art team again.


Oops, I just noticed the bunnies are fallen.

4 responses to “Mini knitted toys book

  1. They’re not fallen, they’re sun bathing!

  2. knitsbysachi says:

    Oh, I didn’t think of that.

  3. Irma plate says:

    please write up patterns for your adorable knitted people I would buy them all in a heartbeat. Please, Irma plate

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