knits by sachi


on November 24, 2014


Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton, our F1 Grand Prix champion 2014.
Not only his amazing talent, it takes a strong determination and a dedication to win the championship.

My 15-year-old son has been kart racing since he was 6 years old just like Hamilton, so we know what involves in motor sports.

My son attended the karting school at Buckmore Park, Kent, acquired MSA (Motor Sports Association) driving licence and has been racing last 10 years.

This year, he got the international racing licence and raced outside the UK. He loves everything about motor sports and cars and has been very motivated to pursue this sport.

It sounds exciting and fun, but it is a dangerous sport. My son just had an terrible accident last weekend.
It has been a terrifying experience for him, and he suffered from the shock, both physically and psychologically. He suffered from a terrible headache and ran a temperature, shivering all over that night. He couldn’t eat for three days. He did not have a head injury, but the x-ray taken a couple of days later showed clearly that he has damaged his neck.

Why do boys like this racing stuff, I haven’t got a clue.

But motor sports have given him a focus and keep him out of trouble. He isn’t too keen on sitting in a classroom, but for his dream, he has decided to move on to six forms. His dream is of course to race, but he wants to study Motor Sports Engineering.

He made our garage into his workshop. This summer, he took all parts of my husband’s bike, repainted it and put it back together. He can also fix minor problems of my car.

My automobile engineers. Can you tell the make of the car?


It isn’t always easy to sit back and watch your teenage son grow up without throwing in negative remarks, but it may be the most important task as a parent.

2 responses to “Dream

  1. I can’t tell the make of car (I’m crap at things like that!) but it looks very well made! You’ve done a pretty good job of raising your son as he already knows what he wants to do a mature enough to do it, even if he doesn’t like it! Well done!

    • knitsbysachi says:

      I meant it to be a Beetle. I am not too sure if I am doing a good job as a parent. He could be very annoying in a teenage-boy sort of way, but I know he has a kind heart. I hope he will not do any more damage to his body. Our chiropractor fees are enormous.

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