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Chocolate cornets

on November 19, 2014

In Japan, buns with sweet filling are popular and often eaten as a snack. I have shown you the recipes of an-pan (bread with sweetened red bean paste), cream pan (with custard cream filling) in the past.

I tried baking with chocolate cream filling, but my choco buns quite often ooze out the cream in the oven. I use very thick cream and pinch the edges very carefully to enclose the cream, but still the cream manages to escape from the dough, so I decided to change the strategy and decided to fill the cream after the baking.

These are buns called “Choco Cornets”, one of the popular sweet buns in Japan.

Chocolate cornets are delicious chocolate custards filled bread cones. The dough is shaped wrapping the cornet mold and baked blind, and the cream is filled to the brim for a rich taste of chocolate to go along with every bite of the bread.

If you have your favorite bread dough recipe, you can use it. I use simple, basic bread dough recipe shown in the an-pan recipe. Since the bread will be filled with cream, the dough does not have to be rich.

You can buy tin cornet molds from a kitchen ware shop, but you can also make these easily with light weight cardboard and baking paper. I cut the cardboard to 15cm x 15cm or so, roll it and secure the edges with staplers. Then, wrap it with a sheet of baking parchment paper or a tin foil.

You can find very well detailed recipes on internet if you search “choco cornet”. I do not go into detail here because a lot of people have done fantastic jobs explaining the steps. But here are my tips.

For the dough, after the first proof is done, cut the dough for each bun and roll it into a long oblong shape and give it about 10 to 15 minutes rest. I found this stage important.

After the resting time, you roll it into a long, thin strips. If the dough tries to bounce back, it isn’t ready to be shaped, give a few more minutes to rest.

When you wrap the dough around the cornet mold, do not pull the dough, turn the cornet and gently place the dough around the mold.
And leave the dough for the second proofing for about 15 minutes. If the dough has gaps, do not worry because when it is baked, the dough will double the size.

Brush the surface with egg glaze and now, ready to go into the oven.

Yes, done!

Fill each bread with your favorite filling. You can fill it with chocolate or custard cream. I know some people like whipped cream.

My older son prefers savory snacks, and he stuff the bun with a cooked weenie sausage with mustard and ketchup.

A baking idea for something a bit different, isn’t it?

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