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Penguin campaign

on November 11, 2014

My publisher is running a Penguin campaign, and I thought I should share the news with you.

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Are you loving penguins at the moment like we are? Why not join in on our 12 days of Penguin fun with 12 days of FREE penguin projects!

On the first day of Penguin… we have this mini knitted penguin project from Mini Knitted Safari by Sachiyo Ishii.

FREE Download here: #12daysofpenguin Knits by Sachi

Isn’t that nice?

Now, these penguins can be made into dangler charms like this.


I have also added a hat for winter holidays.


Here is the pattern for the hat.
small amounts of white boucle yarn or mohair, red DK (8-ply)
A pair of 2.75mm knitting needles

With white boucle or mohair, cast on 10 sts. Break yarn. Join red DK and st/st 2 rows, starting with k row.
Next row: k1, (k2tog, k1) to end (7)
st/st 4 more rows.
Next row: (p2tog) three times, p1 (4)
Break yarn, draw through sts, pull tightly and fasten off.

Sew the seam, using the fasten-off end of yarn. With the seam facing back, attach the hat to the penguin, using the cast-on boucle yarn.

It works as a Christmas tree decoration, too. Enjoy.

3 responses to “Penguin campaign

  1. Oh yay, lucky us! Thank you very much for this!

  2. knitsbysachi says:

    Thank you! It is a super quick knit!

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