knits by sachi

Halloween knits

on October 31, 2014

I love knitting for seasons and occasions, and Halloween is certainly one of my favorite.

I don’t do scary too well, and all my knits turn out being on a cute side. These are something I made this year.

Set number 1: cheeky ghosts

Cheeky Western ghosts. Our Japanese ghosts are troubled spirits which are not laid to rest and they take human appearances. Traditional ghosts wear long white kimono and have long hair and have no feet. They like coming out in summer and give you shivers on a hot night. Very eco-friendly.

Set number 2: Monster trio

I know Franken is much bigger than the rest, but never mind.

Set number 3: Trick or treat

I have children in three sizes.
The big sister dressed as a witch

Her brother as the Count Dracula
He is holding a pumpkin basket.

and their little sister (or brother?) in a cat suits

I made the lolly with two strands of yarn. This was a challenge. I tried i-cord and crochet but didn’t quite work. I ended up with just twisting two strands of yarn and securing it with a few stitches. Simple is the best sometimes.

I am quite pleased with this little kitty.

Happy Halloween!

9 responses to “Halloween knits

  1. So cute! I especially love Frankenstein’s monster! And the knitting pumpkin is pretty darn cute too!

  2. Oh, I just fell in love with some ghosts! 😍

  3. lucyannluna says:

    Love the Halloween crew.

  4. I love the trick or treat ones. Really cute!

  5. LOVE!
    They are all fabulous!

  6. sparklymoose says:

    I love the ghosts, so cute!

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