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Knitted UK police officers

on October 22, 2014

I had a go at this; a police car.
You may not be too familiar with UK police vehicles if you live outside Britain. This is how our police car looks like. It has yellow and blue checker pattern on the sides. I think Britain likes the checker pattern. We have it on the sides of fire engines and ambulances, too.

It isn’t too easy to make square shapes with knitted toys since they get stuffed with toy filling. But I like the soft, round appearances of knitted toys very much.

It is also tricky if you want it to resemble a certain make of cars.
But I am quite happy with this one. My son could tell that it was a Range Rover.

We have a variety of police vehicles in different makes in Britain. You wouldn’t see this many in Japan.

I made police officers, too, of course. That was the fun part.

I like the UK police officer uniforms. It is interesting they wear different hats.
Basic headgear is a peaked cap for men, and a round bowler style hat for women. All officers wear a black and white diced band around the hat which I tried my best to make for these figures here.
I have a model for the lady officer on the right. She is our local officer I see patrolling in the town center occasionally.

And the officer with the Custodian helmet. This is very British. I always wonder if it isn’t rather heavy. These are worn by male Constables and Sergeants in English and Welsh forces, I think.
I browsed images of police officers in early 1990’s. They dress in very long thick coats with custodian helmets and look very respectable to the point almost scary. I don’t believe they could run after thieves with that full gear, but I guess it wasn’t their job.

I have an armed officer, too. He looks a bit too cute.

Halloween is approaching, and I asked one of my boys if he could dress in a uniform for a day, what uniform it would be. He said a police officer.

And you know what? That would be mine, too.

10 responses to “Knitted UK police officers

  1. I love them! I always love popping over to your blog, it’s so cool to see new stuff every time!

  2. Julie Henn says:

    I just LOVE your police ensemble! Yes, I instantly recognised the Range Rover! You got the uniforms just right! You have such a good eye for detail and just the right accents on your creations to make them instantly recognisable! So clever!! =^..^=

    • knitsbysachi says:

      Thank you, Julie. The checker pattern on the sides helped a lot to see the proportion of the car. I am also finding that I need to balance the details and impressions. Working too much in detail doesn’t work well sometimes. You see the checker band on the hat? It is just knit row instead of purl and still looks a bit like black and white checkers. I thought of using fine yarn and change colours, but forget it, it is too tiny!

  3. mrsmashiter says:

    Brilliant!! So very talented x

  4. Wow your observations are so good, you could do a whole Knitted Britain!

  5. triciandaisy says:

    Great patterns again I love the police dog, also spotted your parrots from the mini safari book in the dolls house magazine ,I will have to knit some for my castle ..tricia

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