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Knit Now Issue 40

on October 18, 2014

I thought this issue was due out next Thursday, but I was wrong. It came out this week already.

You get many of my original patterns this month. You may remember my woodland animals I told you about previously. They are all in here.

And the magazine comes with this booklet.

Yes! Special Christmas gift collection.
I submitted these patterns for winter months issues (from December to February), but the editors wanted to get them all published much earlier. That means you will not see my patterns after this issue for a while, so I hope many readers will enjoy the collection.

You will see this;
Eskimos and igloo,

Winter penguins,

Little Santa and Rudolf.


Oh, you are going to get very busy!

I am shocked to see the cover saying ” top designer Sachiyo Ishii”. Top designer? Top designer!

I wasn’t given a chance to check the patterns in the booklet. Maybe the editors ran out of time again, but I am hoping there aren’t any errors. If you find any problems or have queries on patterns, please let me know.

This is such a nice and cute photo and I love it! If you live in Britain, you need to rush to the news agent first thing in the morning today!

4 responses to “Knit Now Issue 40

  1. Oh wow, well done! I love the texturing on the igloo, such an ingenious and simple way to create the different ice blocks!

    • knitsbysachi says:

      I made the first design with crochet and that was much easier. I had to have a good think about this design. I designed it in my head while I swam in the pool. Yes, I had to swim many lengths!

  2. triciandaisy says:

    Great magazine ,got it already ,your patterns are lovely

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