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Torn paper art

on October 17, 2014

I was going through my bric-a-brac box and found this.

It must have been souvenirs from someone. In Japan, we have a custom to get souvenirs to friends and family when you travel. By the look of the pictures, I think it came from Hokkaido or North regions of Japan. The picture is a head of a wild boar.

I found another one.
It is a bull. They are both lucky animals and included in Chinese zodiac animals.

I don’t recall receiving them. May be my husband got them from someone. They are colourful and pretty.

These are paper plates decorated with chigiri-e, torn paper art. Japanese Washi paper, similar to mulberry paper is torn by hands and pasted to the paper plates. I think these are meant to be used to serve Japanese confectioneries.

I have tried chigiri-e art myself in the past. It is the simplest art and anyone can enjoy it. Just one thing to remember; do not use scissors at all.

I made some into bookmarks. I added Japanese brush writing for more Japanesey look.


Just as E-tegami, the picture letter, with this art, you can be clumsy and still make beautiful piece.
It is my kind of art.

Children can enjoy this. It is also widely practiced in nursing homes in Japan.

I found this picture on internet and cannot resist sharing. It is so cute.

There are some professional artist who specialize in this art. If you think you are no good in painting, you may want to have a go at Chigiri-e art.
You might have a hidden talent. You never know.

3 responses to “Torn paper art

  1. squarebird says:

    I might have a go at this. You’ve inspired me! Thanks for sharing. I love your book mark elephant, kangaroo and giraffe πŸ™‚

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