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Knitted penguins and zoo keeper

on October 13, 2014

I was inspired to make this set by watching one of documentaries on television.

It is a comedian, Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience aired on BBC one.
We see him attempt a number of jobs including hairdresser, refuse collector, male model, police officer and you name it, just about anything. In one of the shows, he was a zoo keeper.

One of the tasks he was assign to do was to feed penguins. At the lunch time in this zoo, penguins march outside their living quarter, following the zoo keeper. Visitors can enjoy watching penguins at close-up. It is one of the zoo attractions.

The penguins have been doing this every day of their lives and are expert in the lunch time march.
Rhod has never done this before and feeling a little nervous.

He tried to lead the penguins, but none of the penguins followed him. They do not trust a stranger, even with a bucket full of fish. May be they had decided to give him a hard time just a little.

Here are my penguins.

I made them much smaller than previous designs to go with the zookeeper.

The ones I made for the safari book is this one. They are one of my favorite.

The new design is only about 2cm in height and they breed very quickly!

6 responses to “Knitted penguins and zoo keeper

  1. That documentary sounds interesting, I’ll have to see if it’s still around! Loving those penguins too, so very cute! And they seem to be implying awkward penguin shuffling very well!

    • knitsbysachi says:

      It was a cute and funny program. He is lucky to have job experiences. My sons school used to do job experience week at year 11, but they stopped it because kids are too busy working for exams. I think it is nonsense!

  2. Oh my .. Sooo adorable!

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