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My little town

on October 6, 2014

I know I should leave my car behind to go shopping. I only live 10 minutes away from the town centre, but I always drive so that I don’t have to carry heavy bags home.

On Friday, my car was taken away from me since it was getting serviced at the garage for MOT. How funny I feel vulnerable without my little Honda Jazz, but I decided to make the best of this opportunity and have a little walk to the town.

You notice lots of things you miss when you are driving. For example, this impressive spider web on our neighbour’s tree!

Very impressive and timely for Halloween! There were two trees covered with full of spider webs next to each other. Someone has been very busy.

I live in a small town in West Sussex. We don’t have much to attract tourists or shoppers. We are just an ordinary town struggling to keep shop tenants in high street. We have lots of coffee shops and real estate agents and a little too many charity shops.

But we do have these; Tudor houses.
There are not too many left, I am afraid, but they are very pretty. This is what I love about England. We have fantastic old buildings with history. It is amazing to have Tudor houses right at your door steps.

This is the part of the town we call ” the old high street”. The buildings are old looking and it is the prettiest part of our little town.

My favorite yarn shop is in one of these old buildings.

I have been going to this shop for years, and I enjoy chatting to the owner very much. I come here at least once a week.

She has very kindly displayed my book along with my knitted animals.

She has put out the sign “not for sale” for the animals, but she still gets request to sell them. The camper van is proven to be the most popular item, and many people want to buy it. I am pleased.

The book is doing well, too.

2 responses to “My little town

  1. Oh wow, how nice it must be to see them every time you pop into the yarn shop!

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