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Knitted firefighters

on September 22, 2014

I have started knitting a new series: people at work.

I started with creating little people in uniforms to start. My plan is to make human figures of different occupations. They can be enjoyed as toys. You can also create lookalikes for gifts.

Here is the fire fighter set.

Depends on the regions, the uniforms are slightly different, but I found they are quite similar. They are either in black or khaki brown with reflective tapes. I made the UK fire fighters. I thought the side flaps on the helmet are distinctive to fire fighters, but it seems that they don’t wear these in our country.

But I think they look good enough. The one in black and yellow outfit may be looking like a bee, but never mind.

I made some accessories to go with the set.
I made the hose for one of the firefighters and also, I made the water hydrant. I am quite please with this one. I think it looks cute on its own. You can attach a string and make it into a dangler charm.


I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to add a large item to the set, but I just couldn’t resist. I made a fire truck.
I have ignore the scale issue here, but I think is all right.

This one is the UK fire truck. For those who live outside Britain, this is how our fire truck look like, they have bright orange and yellow patterns on the sides.
I could have knitted without the pattern for a plain version of course. I just wanted to have a go.

My boys would have loved playing with the set 10 years ago.

9 responses to “Knitted firefighters

  1. They are sooo cute! Wow, you really are very talented! I especially love that fire hydrant 🙂

  2. triciandaisy says:

    Oh no, I need more time ! (My Granny used to tell me to grow some in the garden) I want to knit them all ,but I am really waiting for some gnomes

  3. So so cute – you’ve done such an amazing job! Can’t wait to see what occupation you stitch next 🙂

  4. cwedler says:

    Great job! I ordered your first book from Amazon and it’s on it’s way. Can’t wait.

  5. mazmum says:

    Are the patterns for the firefighter and police sets available to purchase?

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