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World Peace Art Exhibition

on September 11, 2014

My mother-in-law is a fantastic Japanese calligrapher.
She has been practicing and teaching Japanese brush calligraphy for years. She is very well known, and her work have been exhibited in many places all over the world. She has won hundreds of awards. Yes, she is utterly an amazing person.

In 2012, she came to London for an exhibition. Her work was displayed among many artists in a gallery. She was also awarded one of the top three prizes!


I am afraid I do not know much about calligraphy, and I cannot read this piece which is written in the ancient style. But I noticed that it really stood out from all the rest in the room, and I was drawn to it. Her work certainly has the charismatic power.

She is 82 years old (although she looks 60) and tiny. You would not believe this powerful piece of art is created by this little lady.

I have recently spoken to her on the phone. She told me of the exhibition coming up in October in Paris. This time, her work will be in the World Peace Exhibition at UNESCO.

Usually, she travels to see her work exhibited. That is another amazing thing about her. She travels all over the world by herself.

She certainly gives me lots of inspirations and motivations to create.

Ever since I have spoken to her, I am thinking about my own future exhibition. That will be another milestone for me and, I would definitely want to make this dream come true some day.

Here is another photo of her amazing calligraphy.


And here, I am enjoying her work together with my creation.

The World Peace Art Exhibition will be held from 23 to 29 October in UNESCO, Paris.

I am so proud of my mother-in-law. I am very privileged to know her.

4 responses to “World Peace Art Exhibition

  1. Beautiful artwork. It’s lovely that you’re so proud of your mother-in-law. Also, that upcoming exhibition sounds amazing. I can’t imagine what beautiful art will appear in the name of peace.

    • knitsbysachi says:

      She is an amazing person, and I really look up to her. My husband is planning to go to Paris to see the exhibition. There will be another one in London early next year. Yes, we should stop fighting and destroying. We should make art instead.

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