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Sausage craft?

on September 2, 2014

You might have seen the carving art with fruits and vegetables. I know there are many Asian chefs who are very good at this.

Recently, in a Japanese magazine, I saw an article on art using sausages.


You can make these with mini frankfurters. Aren’t they cute?
My mum used to cut sausages into octopus shape when I was little. I have tried it myself, but I always end up losing one or two tentacles.

I think this one is more simple and easy.
images (12)

There are more advanced ones.
images (11)images (8)
download (1)
I think the eyes are made with black sesami seeds.

I heard this craft was created by a ham and sausage producer to increase their sale. Carving tools are also invented and sold in Japan.
I am not too keen on processed meat and do not buy much, but this craft is tempting.
I may practice a little and try to make some for Christmas to impress my guests.
images (10)

If you would like to have a go, there is a webpage with video tutorials. It is in Japanese, but I guess it can be translated:

5 responses to “Sausage craft?

  1. dosirakbento says:

    So cute. I hardly ever eat these kind of sausages but am now very tempted to go and buy some 🙂

  2. Oh wow, that sounds tempting to me as well!

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