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Knitted Australia

on August 30, 2014


I have been enjoying knitting the world themes as I have written in the last post.

Some countries have unique, distinct, traditional costumes which are easy to include in the design, but I struggled with this one: Australia.

Australia is a fantastic country with interesting animals as koala bears and kangaroos, but I have already knitted them in a few different styles. My first book, Mini knitted safari, has their patterns, too. I also wanted to add human figures. I know of the Aboriginal people, but I think I want to save it for the Easter Island for similar figures. I may do the Moai statues together with them.

How do people in Australia dress? If you Google images for ideas, you get the photos of people dressed in T-shirts and shorts and face-painted with the Australian flag.

But then, I got the photos of famous people on the same page.

He was the first one to come up. The guy in the photo above.

I asked my boys if they knew him, but they just looked puzzled. My boys haven’t seen the movie.

I just thought he may work for Australia scene. I made a crocodile for him. This croc has his mouth opened.
He may have too many teeth, but never mind.

He has a little girl companion. You have to have a koala for Australia.


I have never been to Australia. I would love to go there and hold a koala in my arms. I think it is one of the must-do once in a lifetime.

11 responses to “Knitted Australia

  1. I love it! You definitely did Australia justice!

  2. Oh yeah, koalas look utterly adorable! I’ve heard that they stink because of all the eucalyptus leaves they eat, but still would be awesome to hold one!

  3. Julie Henn says:

    I think you’ve captured Australia perfectly (but then I’m not Australian!) BUT, in the Barbie dolls of the world series, she was dressed in bush gear, so I think you got it spot on!! It’s the perception of the country, which you manage to capture PERFECTLY every time! I just LOVE seeing your creations! I haven’t tackled anything from your FABULOUS Mini Knitted Safari yet, as I’m trying to finish some “ufo’s” before I indulge myself!! p.s. I LIVE the smiley croc – he looks happy showing all his teeth! =^..^=

    • knitsbysachi says:

      Thank you! I am learning a little about traditional costumes, and it is very interesting. Just like many people in the West are confused Japanese with Korean and Chinese, costumes, I think I have had misunderstood a few things. I love costumes, and I hope we manage to keep the tradition going.
      Yes, Barbie dolls dresses are great inspiration. I am making people in uniforms, too which I will show you soon. .

  4. As an Aussie, you’ve done so well! LOVE your koala, and the croc haha! They do have so many teeth, so you got that right.

    The man’s black hat could have little corks hanging from the rim .. If you google it you’ll see people wear them in the bush to keep the flies away!

    We have a wildlife park around the corner from us where you can hold a koala .. They are soft, but not super fluffy and they eat eucalyptus leaves ALL the time.

    You have done so well! xx

  5. I will certainly be showing these gorgeous makes to my sister who is moving to Australia in November, just so she will be prepared! 🙂

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