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on August 22, 2014

Boys’ dream: F1 team!
Long wait is finally over. My 16 years old got his GCSE results yesterday.

Two A’s, one B and nine A*s. It wasn’t a clean sweep, but he did very well.

Maths, geography, French, physical education, Design and technology, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Art. He got A*s.
I was brought up in Japan and have never taken GCSEs, but I believe this is a great achievement.

He will be taking Maths, higher maths, physics and art next year in six forms.

My younger son, aged 15 has taken the core science exam and he received a B. I was more worried about this one, but he did well, too. He isn’t keen on studying as much as his older brother, but I love him just the same. He has gone to Kart racing and wasn’t even there to pick up his result. He is with a racing team and has been karting last 10 years.
Impressive photos? But we are not one of those super-riches and on a budget. We support him as much as we can.

My older son’s dream is to join a F1 team as a racing car designer. His hero is Adrian Newey of Red Bull racing.
He is also interested in developing alternative fuel for the next generation. He just loves cars.

And his little brother? A racing driver, of course.

They don’t want to work together and, I think that is a wise decision. I can picture them arguing over who is to be blamed for every incident. The driver brother wouldn’t trust the car his brother would build. He doesn’t want his wheels to fall off in the middle of the race, he says.

I made these little F1 team for my sons. It surely made them smile.



I think there isn’t anything more fantastic than having a dream in your life. I am very happy for my sons.

And I made this guy, too.

2 responses to “Results

  1. Well done to both your boys! They’ve got a long road to get where they want, but that sounds like a great dream for them to both have 🙂

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