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Healthy nori seaweed

on August 19, 2014

You may think I am crazy, but I have knitted sushi in the past. I knit everything so why not?

I saw a couple of young boys shopping for sushi ingredients at a supermarket yesterday.

One of them had a pack of nori seaweed sheets and a box of Japanese sushi rice. He was wearing a T-shirt with “Tokyo” writing across the chest. He must be fond of Japan.

With the rising popularity of Japanese food, it is getting more and more easier to obtain ingredients for Japanese cookery. This is great for us.

I found this product the other day in a supermarket, I was quite excited.
download (3)

It is “seaweed thins” produced by Itsu. It is dried and flavoured nori seaweed.
We are very familiar with these in Japan. They are my sons’ favorite and we used to get them from Asian supermarket whenever we traveled to London. They are sold in a plastic jars or in individual (6)download (5)

Now it is available from local supermarkets. How fantastic!

What is interesting for me is that it is sold in snack and sweets isle. Unlike seaweed for sushi, these are flavoured with soy sauce and mirin, Japanese sweet wine. I guess you could have them as a snack.

The conventional way to have these flavoured nori sheets is either to wrap rice balls with them or to have them with warm steamed rice.

You may need to be able to use chopsticks quite well to do this. And you do need short grain sticky rice. You dip a nori sheet in a little bit of soy sauce and place it on top of rice. Fold rice with chopsticks.
Like this.
download (4)
You can also crush them and sprinkle over rice or salad.

Very often, these nori sheets are served for breakfast at hotels and inns. If you eat them without rice, you may attract many curious eyes.

In Japan, people used to say seaweed make your hair dark and glossy, and it was very much favoured by ladies of all ages. It is a good source of dietary fiber, iron and iodine. It is also believed to improve bone health and lower cholesterol level. Amazing.

I should make sushi more often myself.


Well, not the knitted ones, I mean.

4 responses to “Healthy nori seaweed

  1. How fascinating! And you’re little knitted sushi bits are very cute as well 🙂

  2. Seaweed…I’ve never eaten it much. Only times I’ve eaten some were when some family members made some…maki, I think? Anyway, they made ’em pretty tasty!

    • knitsbysachi says:

      Seaweed is healthy and has very very little calories. You can make sushi with any fillings, and you don’t need to eat raw fish at all. My boys love sushi with cooked meat.

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