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Knitted panda

on August 11, 2014

I just watched the BBC program, Operation Wild. In this series, you can see vet teams save the lives of wild animals using the most advanced techniques. Last week, we saw panda bears.

They are showing Giant Panda Base in South West China where vets are using high-tech animal medicine to try and save the species. Baby pandas! They are absolutely gorgeous!! I could not help myself ooh and aah over them. They are so so cute!

Panda has large head proportion to its body, and that is one of the reason they look so cute. When I design toys, I always make heads bigger than they should be. Head:body= 1:1 makes the cutest, someone said. I see baby panda come close to this ratio. No wonder they look so sweet.

China has been giving away pandas as diplomatic gifts to other countries for many years. I remember Japan receiving two pandas in early 1970’s when they restored the relationships. There came a big panda boom in Japan, and everyone had at least one panda stuffed cuddly at home.

I had a huge one, much bigger than myself then.

I always loved panda and have knitted some in different styles. In my book, Mini knitted safari, my panda is sitting right in the middle of the safari mat. He is my favorite star animal in that book.

Embroidering the face was a little difficult. I tried making more pandas and I have three or four all together for this book, but I could not achieve the same face again.


In my recent knits, I made this tiny one.

I had a bit of trial and error, and the first one didn’t quite work. But I think I am happy with this one.

My little Chinese girl has a big sister. She is supposed to be wearing a China dress, but her hair is long and cannot see my effort too much here. Never mind.


If pandas are facing risk of extinction because of our behavior, we definitely have to change the way we live. We cannot let them go, can we?

7 responses to “Knitted panda

  1. I love how that baby panda has one ear up and one ear down! Big heads (and big eyes!) are definitely very cute

  2. triciandaisy says:

    Just got the book mini knit safari ,lovely ,hope I can manage to knit some Tricia

  3. Super cute!!! I love all their expressions!

  4. Lovely pandas! Like you, I had a huge stuffed panda as a child – it was called Chi Chi and I’m sure it was also inspired by a Chinese gift to London Zoo, who had a panda called Chi Chi then. Small world!

    • knitsbysachi says:

      I have seen pandas in Ueno Zoo in Tokyo. I know Japan has received many from China; Have you watched the show on BBC? Aren’t they gorgeous? I would love to hold a baby panda in my arms. But caring these babies must be a really hard work.

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