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Knit Now Issue 37

on July 24, 2014

My next pattern is in Issue 37 and should be out today.


My beach bunnies.
It has been quite hot and, many of you may not have had a woolly thought for a while. But I hope my bunnies will get you back on knitting again.

The issue has reached to subscribers and also out on Ravelry. It seems my bunnies are getting popular.
Screenshot 2014-07-23 17.57.32

You will see this photo in the magazine. Bunnies are sitting on pretty model’s hands.

I have an acute allergy to the sun which getting worse every year. I am a little envious of the bunnies.

The pattern is very simple and and so is the assembling steps, but I made a short tutorial as always. I hope it will help you.

I am no computer guru and, I cannot place the photos and texts very nicely. But I did my best with my limited knowledge of HTML.

I hope you will enjoy my bunnies.

3 responses to “Knit Now Issue 37

  1. Thy are some seriously cute bunnies! I especially love the ring to help them swim, such a nice added detail 🙂

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