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Danish cookies

on July 22, 2014

I think I have a weakness for cookie tins. I don’t intend to collect them, but whenever I see a cute one, i am tempted to buy it. Not for the cookies inside really, but to keep the tin.

I saw these tins at 99p shop yesterday. They are sold for 99p each. How come they are so cheap? How much are these cookies inside? It is a bit scary.

I have been knitting people with traditional costumes of the world recently and I just needed to get these tins. They come in three different designs. Besides, my boys are biscuits lovers, of course.

Whenever I see a tin of Danish cookies, I think of my dad.
Many years ago, my father attended a high school which specialize in fisheries. As a school training program, he had to go on a boat for a month and get a job experience with fishermen. His mum (my grandma) gave him a large tin of Danish cookies before he got on the boat. My dad hid it under his bed and ate one biscuit a night secretly.

It was more than 50 years ago. I don’t know how my grandma managed to get it, but it must have been quite dear.Japan was recovering from the huge damage caused by the Second World War and, the entire country was going through the extreme poverty. Ingredients like butter, eggs and milk must have been out of reach for most people.

My dad still loves butter cookies. Although he had very little when he was young, I think he has lived richer life than us in a way. We don’t get to experience what he did any more. We have plenty of food in shops and, we cannot much appreciate biscuits sold for 99p. Everything is cheap and, everything is disposable.

However, my son is going to Africa for a month next summer to work with the local people, helping schools and children. No phone, no internet. I would hear from the British Embassy only if he got in a serious trouble. He will gain precious experiences there. And I will get to find out how it feels like to send your teenage son away for a month without any contact from him.

Maybe I should send him away with a tin of biscuits.

The tins had three designs: London, Paris and what seemed like Amsterdam. I have never seen a French man in a stripy shirt with a baguette, but here he is.

And I made a man with a beer mug with the German traditional outfit.


And you may have seen him, the Pizza man for Italy.


6 responses to “Danish cookies

  1. Ohmygosh they are so utterly cute and adorable! I’m actually fan-girling over the cuteness (but quietly so Is don’t wake the housemate who got it very late last night from her trip!) I love how big that beer mug is compared to the man!

  2. Love your reflections, Sachiyo and the story about your Dad. You are right, so much has changed in a couple of generations, and in many ways, people did live a richer life when things were in shorter supply. I love your little national figures – I think the Italian is my favourite.

    • knitsbysachi says:

      Thank you. I have a lot more to show you. This is my favorite project, knitting people of the world. I think my parents’ generation has seen amazing changes. They didn’t have a TV until their 30’s but now, we have PCs and e-mail each other family photos. We are wealthier but we cannot buy the experiences that they had in the past. We must remember to save our resources and change our habit of buying cheap and through things away, don’t you think?

  3. Best of luck to you and your son for the amazing experiences he is about to have .. Can’t imagine how hard it might be to not have contact with him for so long. My husband is Italian, and we honeymooned there and France only weeks ago .. I think they are my favourites, though they are all beautiful. If you ever set up a shop, please let me know .. Id love to buy an Italian and French knit from you to add to our honeymoon memories 🙂

    • knitsbysachi says:

      What a nice idea to keep the figures as a honeymoon memories! That is so sweet. I have knitted many figures in different traditional outfits. This became my favorite project and you will get to see more photos soon.

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