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Summery salmon

on July 19, 2014


In one of the recent episode of the “Celebrity master chef”, the contestants were making fish and chips. One of the celebrities chose salmon to cook, but it wasn’t very well received by the judges. Slightly oily salmon is not suitable for deep frying, they said. Salmon is often poached or grilled, but in our country, it is not out of custom to fry salmon.

My sons like salmon fried with bread crumbs, but in summer, I make this dish called “Nanban-zuke” more often.
Nanban-zuke (literally “southern barbarian pickle”, why? I don’t know) is a Japanese fish dish resembling escabeche. To prepare it, the fish (often salmon, Japanese jack mackerel or Wakasagi smelt) is first fried, then marinated. Since the fish is marinated in vinegar with other ingredients, the fish doesn’t taste oily.

Marinade goes well with BBQ. You can prepare it way in advance and is very handy when you have guests.
I add a bit of dried chili, but you can do without it of course.

Ingredients to serve 4

4 pieces salmon fillet (500g)
salt and pepper to taste
3bsp all purpose flour 
oil for frying
vegetables of your choice (bell pepper, shiitake mushrooms, celery, etc)

200cc water
150cc rice wine vinegar
3-4tbsp sugar
3tbsp soy sauce
pinch salt
1-2dried chili, sliced

1. In a shallow container, mix all the ingredients for marinade.
2. Cut the salmon fillet to about 4cm squares and season.Coat with flour.
3. Heat the oil to 180℃ (370F)
4. Fry salmon and vegetables(no need to coat them with flour) of your choice. Drain excess oil and marinate them while still warm.

It is ready to eat after 30 mins, but you can keep it in the fridge for the next day.

I wrote this recipe for the newsletter for Clearspring, organic Japanese food supplier, a few years ago. I found my photo in someone else’s blog the other day. It had a different recipe which did not match the photo, but I recognized my serving plate. It is kind of flattering.

We are experiencing the heat wave last few days and it is so hot.

Heading down to the beach?


4 responses to “Summery salmon

  1. Oh I love those turtles! So utterly adorable

    • knitsbysachi says:

      Thank you! I grew up by the beach. It is famous for sea turtles laying eggs. As a child, I always thought turtle babies were the bravest babies of all. Aren’t they?

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  3. Oh my .. Turtles are my FAVOURITE animal, these are so so sweet!

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