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A sign of good luck

on July 15, 2014

Here are some green tea bags in cute triangle boxes my mother sent me. Each contains different blend of green tea and the name is written on the box. I don’t know much about green teas, but these seem to be of very good quality.

Have you seen a tea stalk floating vertically in your teacup when you have Japanese green tea? When you see it, you will have a good day. Because it is believed to be a lucky sign.

A tea stalk floating vertically is called chabashira (lit: tea pillar). Seeing a chabashira, we feel happy.

It rarely happens. I had a chabashira once or twice in my entire life so far.

The origin of the expression is unknown. You feel lucky because it is so rear? May be. But the thing is, to have a chabashira, the tea has to be relatively inexpensive, second-rate in quality. Very good green teas are more well refined and do not contain tea stalks. You need to use loose tea leaves with coarse strainer. I have a feeling people started call chabashira a good luck to enjoy cheap and affordable teas in old times.

It is certainly entertaining.

Whatever the reasons, when you find a chabashira, be happy!
You are not supposed to tell anyone or show it to anyone. You need to keep it quiet and just swallow it, otherwise, the luck will escape.

In the first home economics class in year 5, we learned how to boil water, believe or not, and serve green tea properly.
We were allowed to bring some Japanese sweet cakes, buns or rice crackers to serve with it. I remember being so excited about the lesson that day. It is still taught in Japanese elementary school, the tea serving.

I don’t drink green tea much these days, but I am going to enjoy some with cute rice crackers today.

Simple, healthy and fun.

3 responses to “A sign of good luck

  1. Julie Henn says:

    So interesting to hear about other nation’s traditions and customs. I really like this one as it’s a simple and small thing. Sometimes it’s the smallest things in life that can make us the happiest, like little treasures coming our way to cherish! Have a good day!!! =^..^=

    • knitsbysachi says:

      Thank you. I just heard that green tea sachets which guarantee you a tea pillar are sold in Japan these days. People come up with strange products to make money!

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