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My knitted elephant

on July 9, 2014

I don’t make large toys very often, but I made this elephant last week.

Because I never have patterns to follow when I make toys, it is a little risky to make a large toy. I want to avoid disappointment after spending many hours on a new project of course.

But I really needed to make this elephant to go with the scene I was working on. And my elephant needed to be big. I also wanted it to be cute and have a bit of character. I made the body rather short and made him sit down.
I had an idea of how many stitches to cast on to start, but I was a little nervous when I was sewing it up.

I wonder if you can guess what the story he is in.
The story has an elephant, a python, and these as well.

I haven’t made a black leopard yet. I found some big cats are difficult to make, and I feel I need a bit more planning.

There he is, my main character.

What do you think?
Figures without shoes is a bit challenging, but I think he looks fine.
I like this story and, I enjoyed making many animal characters.
(The boy is about 8cm tall)


10 responses to “My knitted elephant

  1. Hmm…is the story you’re talking about…The Jungle Book…?

  2. That’s a really lovely set of characters. I especially like the vulture (but I think you did a good job on the elephant as well:P )

  3. I love the snake .. and your elephant of course .. all of them really! Your trees are fantastic too πŸ™‚

  4. lmcarey68 says:

    I think that all your knits are great. I can’t wait until your book comes out so I can make some. Great job.

  5. they are all so gorgeous, your elephant is brilliant πŸ™‚

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