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Knitted fairy tale

on June 23, 2014

I have been creating fairy tale characters again.

I made many story scenes last year. Not being too sure how I do the faces, I employed the Steiner approach and didn’t add any embroidery. But this year, I am making them a bit cuter.

snow white

They still have very limited expressions. I am also making the patterns simpler where I can. You see, these gnomes do not have arms or legs.


I absolutely love making characters from stories. I think it is one of my favorite project.

Here is another story scene, The gigantic turnip.

When I start working on a new story, I usually make the main character first. If I cannot make him/her attractive enough, then, I know my story scene would not work too well. This is to avoid the future disappointment.

For this turnip story, I started with the grandfather to see the scale. I was a little worried that the animals may need to be very small but, I think they came out all right.

I also had to give a good thought on the interpretation. I didn’t want to make them too human like, standing on two feet and pulling with front legs. I ended up with this design.

My son said the turnip should be bigger and I agree. I will make a bigger one next time.

Children like the stories with repetition. I think they feel comfort in hearing the same phrases many times. Originated in Russia, this story is loved all over the world.

I have created many more characters recently but still have a to-make list. It is so fun!
I wonder what is your favorite story is.

4 responses to “Knitted fairy tale

  1. Julie Henn says:

    AMAZING as usual!! You shouldn’t worry about getting the faces right as I think you have the knack for that!! I’m always SO impressed by how much expression and character you get on their little faces, knowing how difficult that is. I always struggle with that, so love your way of keeping it simple. The gnomes are PERFECT the way they are, any more detail would have spoiled the “flavour” of the set, in my opinion! The turnip story characters are FAB too, they are perfect! You spoiled for inspiration with so MANT fairy tales to choose from – can’t WAIT to see your next creation!!

  2. knitsbysachi says:

    Thank you! I like to give characters limited expressions so that people who see it have a room for their own imaginations. Just as story books should not explain too much with illustrations, I want my characters to be cute but simple. I am also learning a lot more about fairy tales and folk tales. It is interesting to read these stories again when you are older.I am sure there are lots of stories related to animals in Africa.

  3. awwwww and awwww 🙂

  4. nikske1993 says:

    These are so great! Wow 🙂

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