knits by sachi

English summer

on June 21, 2014

Our wild strawberry is going really wild in the back garden this year.

They are doing very well. In fact, a bit too well. They are spreading everywhere and invading the spaces they are not suppose to grow. But you can smell the sweet strawberry when you get close to the plant. They look so cute and lovely. I just love them!

England has the perfect climate for strawberries. We have so many varieties. In Asia, you cannot grow perennial kind and, you need to sew seeds or plant seedlings each year. We don’t have wild strawberry either. I guess the summer is too hot and humid for it over there.

These are from our garden.

We have a cherry tree in front of our house, too


A few years ago, we had too much rain and not enough sun light at the beginning of the summer and, we had no cherries at all. Since then, the tree is trying to recover. Last few years, we had very little fruit, but this year, the tree is doing better at last.

This cherry tree was surely one of the attractive factor of the house when we bought it. We have many cherry trees in Japan, but they are to enjoy the blossums in spring and not the fruit. I just love the idea of having our own fruit tree in the garden.


We had very long dark, wet and horrible winter, but summer does come around and good things are happening.

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