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Graduation day

on June 18, 2014

Today is the last day for my older son to attend the secondary school.

I thought finishing the compulsory education is a big deal and should be celebrated, but his school has only a short assembly and not a ceremony as such. Students are gathered in a hall, take class photos and that is pretty much it. Parents are welcomed for a half hour late morning. It is very different from Japan or America.

In Japan, the graduation day is considered to be very important. The district governor and the head of local education board are invited to the school. Parents attend it all dressed up smartly. Many speeches are given and national and school anthems are sang. Students receive certificates from the head teacher at the end.

But my son? He is going in non-uniform today.

There is a cute tradition in Japan on the last day school.
The second button from the top of a male’s uniform is often given away to a female he is in love with, and is considered a way of confession. Uniform buttons are usually decorated with the school emblem. The second button is the one closest to the heart and is said to contain the emotions. Sweet.

Sadly, I didn’t receive one from anyone, but my brother who was quite popular in school had many takers.

And the prom? We don’t have that tradition in Japan. In fact, I think it is very American thing. The big difference is that in Britain, you don’t need a date to attend it and everyone go on a coach to the venue. I know it isn’t very glamourous, but is fair.

Big congratulations to my son. I am very proud of you.

5 responses to “Graduation day

  1. Congratulations to your son, Sachi-san! I hope that he has more good learning experiences in the future!

    Also, about high school, graduation was a big ceremony, and the prom was a pretty formal but fun event. I didn’t have a lot of female friends back then, so I decided to bring an older cousin of mine as my partner. Now that I think about prom, I am reminded of my social awkwardness back then. Ahahaha!

  2. knitsbysachi says:

    Thank you! You don’t need a partner for the prom. It is a fun, social gathering and I think it is more relaxed here. Talking about awkwardness, my son is wearing formal for the first time in his life. He tried it on and complained it was uncomfortable, but what do you expect? You are supposed to be uncomfortable in a formal suit.

  3. squarebird says:

    Lovely story about the buttons being used as tokens of affection :-). My son finishes secondary school today. The end of an era and the beginning of a new one!

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