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My son’s D & T

on June 12, 2014

This is the CD case my son designed.

Both my sons are taking GCSE this week.

Because the exam boards are introducing a new system soon, my sons are in the transition period. I think it is a little strange that my year 10 and year 11 are taking the same paper in the same room, but it is working that way.

Kids in the secondary schools have extensive learning programs these days. Their school curriculum is utterly amazing. They get to study IT, business studies and design technology which we didn’t have in my school days. Is the school equipped to teach all these! YES! My sons’ school have interactive white boards in each room. Each pupil has a PC in each class room. They have a 3-D copier and a couple of laser cutters in tech room, two dozens of Apple Mac with keyboards in music room. The gym comes with a weight room, treadmills and other exercise machines. You name it, they have got everything.

They are not in a posh private school. No, they are in the local state school just around the corner of our house. We are so so fortunate to be able to educate our children in a wealthy country.

My older son had chosen Design and technology, also called graphics, for one of his options. He did a rather interesting project as a control assessment; a CD case (made with medium weight card paper).

I didn’t think there was much room for designing a CD case to be honest, but he came up with an interesting design.

When you open the case, the CD which is inserted in the middle pocket slides out by itself.


Like this.

He made up a name for his imaginary music group. He made the list of their imaginary songs, and I think he enjoyed this bit the most. His band is called “Alimuni”. I think they play alternative rock like Nine inch nails.

I would have enjoyed this project myself although I don’t think I could come up with such a cool looking and smart design.



6 responses to “My son’s D & T

  1. It’s definitely interesting, alright! Also, I’m glad that your kids are going through an interesting curriculum! I do hope that they’re learning well! Heh, I do hope that my country’s education system would improve, too! I’m in a pretty good university, but I still have concern for the other youths out there…I do hope that they’ll be able to experience proper education…and I must find a way to help, too, even if it seems like a small way! ^_^

    • knitsbysachi says:

      My sons are experiencing very different education. I was brought up in Japan, but I don’t think I liked the system too much. My kids have more options and freedom and that helps developing creativity, too.

  2. The CD case is amazing! Beautiful as well as functional. And I love your reflections on the facilities and opportunities our kids have these days, even in state schools. You’re so right to point out how lucky we are. It’s easy to start taking it for granted.

    • knitsbysachi says:

      Yes, we are very very lucky. I think the schools in the UK are amazing even compare to Japan. It seems many are concerned about the academic levels, but we chose to educate our children in this country. That tells you something, yes?

  3. wow your son did an amazing job, what talent! 🙂

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