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Let’s knit magazine interview

on June 9, 2014

I received a copy of Let’ knit magazine in a post.
Inside, on the very last page, you will see my interview article.

Yes, an interview! I was very flattered when they offered me. This is not the magazine I usually submit my patterns to and, I am not too sure how they had found me. It is even better.

All correspondence was done by e-mails and, all I had to do was to answer their questionnaire. There were many questions, at least 20 of them. Some of my answers may have been rather long, but the editor had done a fantastic job with editing. She has included some photos of my work. And the book cover! I am delighted to see the information on my upcoming safari book.


One small problem was the magazine had to go without my proofreading and, my name has been spelled wrong more than once. But I am very pleased to get my interview printed all the same. I am feeling like a proper designer!

For many years, I was just a mum who knits at home. Knowing other mums returning to work or school for training, I cannot say my self-esteem was very high. But now, I think I am more comfortable being myself. I absolutely love what I do and am feeling very lucky.

My feelings today:


5 responses to “Let’s knit magazine interview

  1. Julie Henn says:

    Congratulations!!! You sure are flying now!! But your success goes hand in hand with your amazing and creative talent! You have the ability to turn magic into knitted marvels. I’m astounded every time I see a new creation of yours – they are ALWAY exciting, quirky and recognisable for what they are, no wonder magazines want you! Again, congratulations!! I’m delighted for you. Julie =^..^=

    • knitsbysachi says:

      Thank you so much, Julie. I had many trials and errors, but I am glad I didn’t give up. I think you can achieve many things if you stick around. You have been playing a great part in my creations, too. It is so nice and encouraging to hear good feedback. I don’t think I can enjoy creating as much without someone like you!

  2. congratulations on all your fame! must feel so marvellous seeing yourself in a magazine dedicated to your art. Im delighted that you feel so in flight at the moment and pleased I get to see the updates of your success 🙂

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