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Knitted tropical ocean

on June 4, 2014

Here are more creatures for knitted sea life series.


Previously, we visited the deep ocean and saw unique looking creatures. This time, my divers are dressed for scuba diving.

There are many colourful tropical fish.
My dad used to have a very large tank and kept all sorts of tropical fish. But since the earthquake in 2011, he decided to give it up for safety. The tank holds so much water and, it can be very dangerous.

So, I knitted his favorites.

I have more creatures here.

Talking about the earthquake, I have heard that catfish has an ability to predict them. I wonder if it is true.

Or did we have a myth of a very very big catfish somewhere to cause the earthquake? I don’t remember which.

I am a good swimmer, but I have never had a chance to scuba dive. I would love to have a go some day.

4 responses to “Knitted tropical ocean

  1. sealife is my favourite theme ever (it started with the Little mermaid when I was little) so I love these!! 🙂

  2. Jody says:

    Any chance of purchasing these fish patterns? Super cute!

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