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Just a little more fun shots

on June 2, 2014


In the “Mini knitted woodland” book, I wanted to suggest the readers the way to enjoy the animals in some different ways..
My favourite is the tic-tac-toe game. I have submitted Knit Now magazine the hare and tortoise game before. This book has different animals for the players.
I didn’t want to photograph the knitted board, because if I did, I had to include its pattern. There is a rule to include patterns of all knitted items. I also thought the board will not suit the book very much.
Originally, I wanted to use a wooden game board but unfortunately, I couldn’t find any in the studio. But then, I had an idea. I decided to use twigs.
I brought in the willow twigs from our garden. We have this large, rather annoying willow tree in our back garden. Finally I get to make a good use of it. My idea was to place some twigs on a wooden table and place the animals.
But when I came back to the studio from making coffee in the adjoining kitchen, I realized my designer and photographer was enjoying arranging many animals with background fabric and trees. It became another lively and fun woodland scene!

I recently received the draft from my editor and have been very busy checking each pattern.

I make notes first and type up for my editor. Some of my writings are unreadable.
For the safari book, I did all the drawings for the embroideries. I am doing the same for this book.

I hope my drawings work all right.

I haven’t received all the text yet, so I do not know how these fun shots are going to be arranged in the book. I cannot wait to find out.

3 responses to “Just a little more fun shots

  1. aw looks like the owls are winning that game 🙂

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