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Green tea bread

on May 27, 2014


I just read an interesting article on green tea.
According to some studies, green tea, especially powdered form called matcha powders have amino acids which help

*improve learning performance,
*Promote concentration and
*Support the immune system. (from Zoom Japan, monthly magazine published in UK)

This amino acids, called L-theamine helps to create a state of mental alertness but keeping you relaxed at the same time by stimulating the production of alpha brain waves, the article says.

This is perfect for my 16-year-old who are in the middle of GCSE exams!

My son is no green tea drinker unfortunately, so I made some bread containing green powder.
You may think it is a bit odd, but we use green tea powder for baking and cooking. It colours your biscuits and sponges naturally green, so it may be a good idea for Halloween bakes, too. At super markets in Japan, you can get all sorts of sweets with green tea flavour. My children’s favorite is this.
images (9)
Green tea kitkat!

To make green tea bread, all you need to do is just to add green tea powder to your favorite bread recipe. I add 1 tbsp or about 10g of it. You may need to consume whole a lot more to get its benefit, but you never know, you may get the placebo effect.

This time, I prepared two different fillings; one is sweet potato paste, the other is red bean or Adzuki bean paste.

Sweet potato paste
Adzuki bean paste

We like buns with filling. The colour contrast is pretty.

Umm, yummy.

I love baking bread at home. I have little helpers to keep me company.


Green tea powder is available at oriental food market and online. If you mix it with vanilla ice cream, you can make green tea ice cream. They are fragrant and delicious.

2 responses to “Green tea bread

  1. This sounds amazing Sachiyo, I am going to have a go. I love the flavour of green tea and haven’t been able to find the powder in shops, but I’ll have a look online. The fillings look great too – I miss filled buns like this from my Hong Kong days!

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