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A big thank you to…

on May 22, 2014


A big thank you to my publisher, Search Press editorial team; my editor, Becky, designer, Juan, and photographer, Paul.

The last three days have been utterly amazing. We had photo shoots for my second book, “Mini knitted woodland”. This one is the Volume 2 of my Mini knitted animal series.

On the first day, we worked on the tutorials and flat shots as for the first book, Mini knitted safari. Most of the four legged animals are knitted flat in one piece and do not require knitting limbs separately. I am showing the assembling steps in the beginning of the book again. You can make most of the animals following these steps.

Flat shots are the photos with plain white background to show how the items are made. We had a bit of struggle with animals knitted with white yarn. Some of the animals are also very small, but my excellent photographer managed taking nice, clear shots for all of them.

Then, the real fun starts. Juan joined us and start taking styled shots with props and backgrounds.

We start with the basic colours and the theme and gradually add more elements into the photo.

We take shots and re arrange the players, considering the composition.



Sometimes we come up with good looking shots very quickly, but sometimes, we spend a long time to make things work. It seems we use all parts of brains to be creative. At the end of the day, we are all exhausted, but it is so rewarding.

Here is one of the styled shots in progress. Do you recognize the floor fabric? I hand dyed it a week ago.


We took fantastic group shots yesterday, too. I will show you more the next time!


6 responses to “A big thank you to…

  1. how exciting! those beavers look so happy gnawing the wood 🙂

  2. Cheryl says:

    Can’t wait for the books to be released. Cheryl

  3. Patricia says:

    It’s great to see the process behind the pics for the book. Love it!

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