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Knitted Sumo game

on May 15, 2014

I made this Sumo game for fun.
This is a knitted version of “kamisumo”(paper sumo) game.

Kamisumo is one of the Japanese pastime games. Paper wrestlers are placed facing each other in a ring made with wood plate or thick paper. Players move the wrestlers by tapping the outside of the ring and try to topple the opponent. You are the winner if you manage to force the opponent down to the ground or out of the ring.


A template look like above.

You can also download one from the website, Kids Web Japan.

My children used to enjoy paper games like this when they were little. You can make a wrestler with your original design. Or how about Karate players instead?

This is much more fun than computer games!

Maybe I should design more knitted games and encourage many to play with knitted toys.


3 responses to “Knitted Sumo game

  1. Ive never heard of this game before, but the knitted version looks a lot more cute than the paper one 🙂

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