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For my “Mini Woodland”

on May 13, 2014

We are having photo shoots for my second book “Mini knitted woodland” next week.

Exciting!! I can hardly wait.
We had an editorial meeting a few days ago and discussed the themes and props. We are using a lot of natural materials on top of anything we can find in the studio.

I also dyed some felt fabrics for the back ground. For the safari book, we used one of my hand dyed felt. I need to have more different colours.

I use chemical acid dye for this. It is called “acid” because, acids, vinegar for example, are added to dyeing baths to fix the colour. It is not at all complicated process. You can easily dye your yarn and fabric this way.

images (3)
My favorite dye is the brand called “Omega” all in one dye. These dyes come complete with fixative for easy 30 minute dyeing. You do not need to add anything at all.

You can get 15 different colours. I simply dissolve the powder and granule in a glass jar and pour over the fabric and simmer over the low heat.


Here, I am doing green. I mixed colours in a jar and pour it over the fabric. I am making just enough dye bath to cover the fabric and leaving it without agitating it for patchy effect.


After a while of simmering, the colours nicely blends.

I let it cool after 30-60 minutes of simmering. I usually leave it in the pan overnight.
Rinse, spin and dry.

I needed to dye sky blue again. This isn’t too easy since blue is the primary colour and, you are relying on the dye for the colour. You cannot mix with another dye and, unlike water colour, there is no white to soften the blue. I experimented with Navy blue and turquoise.

My designer also suggested to make one for the sunset effect. I have been dyeing many pieces. There may not be many authors who spends hours making props, but I enjoy this, too.


Acid dye is for animal fibres as wool and silk. If you want to dye cotton, you will need a different type. For Omega dye, please see their website;

Caution must be taken when you are handling the dye powder since it is toxic if it is inhaled. Once dissolved, it is safe.
Chemical dye is so easy and fun. It is certainly worth a try.

You may recognize the background as well as the knitted animal in the next book!

5 responses to “For my “Mini Woodland”

  1. Julie Henn says:

    The colours are lovely!

  2. the dyed fabric looks great! I love how the entire scene is made! looks so cute, I wish when I looked out at my garden it had all those cute little animals in it 🙂

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