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Knitted deep sea creatures

on April 28, 2014

This is one of my recent creation.
I have knitted some sea life before as I mentioned in the previous post.

But I wanted to try much more, because I am so fascinated with creatures in water. They come in funny shapes and interesting colours. The ocean is full of misteries and, we certainly have many treasures there.

Deep sea creatures have amazing looks. One of my favorites is angler fish.

I used to believe that they light their path with its own device to see in pitch dark. What a fantastic spirit, I thought. But my son said “Mum, I don’t think they can actually see anything, the light is to attract food…”
Ok, that sounds more plausible.


With this series, I decided to ignore the size and proportions. I simplify or distort shapes as I please. Some fish are too big relation to others, but I have decided that it is all right. I am knitting with free spirit and that is why I like toy making. My human figures are smaller than fish to express wonders of the unknown world. I am adding a bit of comical touch, too.


Dumbo octopus. T didn’t know there was such thing.

I am thinking of making two more sets. One is tropical fish with scuba divers, the other is shallow water creatures with little children.

Of course, I want to knit sea mammals,too. I will be busy!

10 responses to “Knitted deep sea creatures

  1. those deep sea divers are awesome!!!! šŸ™‚

  2. chrissieknits says:

    Brilliant! Love the octopus. Can’t wait for your Clownfish!

  3. I love these creatures! I want to get into knitting more toys like this. They’re so much fun! Plus they make great gifts!

  4. Julie Henn says:

    These are FANTASTIC!! You have such imagination and flair! Your unique style once again catches the essence of divers and creatures alike! You make knitting SUCH FUN!!!

    • knitsbysachi says:

      Thank you! Yes, knitting is a lot of fun! Knitted pieces are stretchy and easy to work with. I tried different materials and methods, but knitting is the best way to create toys.

  5. […] we visited the deep ocean and saw unique looking creatures. This time, my divers are dressed for scuba […]

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