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Long draw spinning

on April 9, 2014


There was a little surprise when I walked into the spinners’ meeting last Wednesday.

I found a young man sitting in the room. A new member? A visitor? A sales person?

Currently we don’t have any male member. We hardly ever get a male visitor.

This happens only once in 3 or 4 years, I think, to see a man sitting with us.

I was even more surprised when I found out that he was the tutor of the day. He was teaching us the technique, “long draw”.

I had seen someone spin long draw but only on videos.

He showed us the yarns he had spun. They were utterly gorgeous. Nicely even and light.

It must be delightful to knit with these yarns.
He had a rather unique looking wheel which I had never seen before. He said his wheel controls the speed much better than other wheels. He knows inside and out of the spinning principle; ratios, flyer and bobbin speed and all. Maths and science, the very masculine approach.
Apparently with long draw, you can introduce more air into the yarn and make it soft and light. It makes yarn much faster than other method as well. After his lecture, we all had a go.

Our guest speaker, James is currently studying in the university to become a veterinarian. He is a self taught spinner and knitter, and enjoys the craft as a hobby. He has knitted a wedding dress with his hand-spun yarn for my fellow spinner in the club. There are amazing people out there.

It is so nice to see a young person, a man, involved in fiber arts. I think the world would be much better place if there were more male spinners and knitters, wouldn’t you agree?

2 responses to “Long draw spinning

  1. Verónica says:

    I could almost swear I’ve seen him on a television program about spinning …

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