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Nostalgic sewing machine

on April 5, 2014

The image is from my favorite drama series in Japan, “Carnation”.
download (3)
I have been enjoying watching “The Great British Sewing Bee”.

For those who live outside the Uk, The Great British Sewing Bee is a BBC Two television reality television programme in which amateur sewers compete to be named “Britain’s best home sewer”

I think Britons love competition reality shows. There are so many!

In the last week episode, I saw the sewers were having a go at traditional, non electric sewing machine. Some said they had never used one and, I felt a bit old when I heard it.

The one like this with a leather band on the side.
images (9)
My first sewing machine was my mother’s non electric one. My mum brought it with her when she got married and still uses it. It must be over 50 years old now. In year 5 in school, I learned how to use sewing machine after learning the basic hand sewing skills. I was so excited and also felt like a grown-up.

Watching Sewing Bee reminded me of my favorite television drama series in Japan which was aired in 2011.
The story is based on the life of the fashion designer Ayako Koshino in Osaka. Ayako was the mother of the internationally famous designers Hiroko Koshino, Junko Koshino, and Michiko Koshino.
Ayako (Called Itoko in the series) sees Western dresses for the first time when visiting her grandparents in Kobe. After proceeding to girl’s middle school, she gets her first glimpse of a sewing machine and becomes obsessed with working that device. Her father is stern and obstinate and objects to Western clothing,but she finally convinces him to let her leave school to pursue her dream.
download (1)
It is utterly fantastic story. The drama is very inspirational and motivational. If I had seen this drama when I was younger, I would have wanted to become a fashion designer, too.

It also shows you clearly the history of our clothing culture.

Each episode is only 15 minutes and was aired every weekday morning for good 6 months. It is a long running series contains 151 episodes and I enjoyed it so much.
You can watch it online with subtitles:

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