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Happy Mother’s Day

on March 30, 2014

bee 2

Today is the Mother’s day in England.
I don’t know why but we celebrate the Mother’s day in May in Japan. In fact, I believe many countries do and England is the odd one out.

A few years ago, I sent my mum flowers in March. She was puzzled of course, but I guess it is nice to receive flowers at any time of the year.

For the Mother’s day, I knitted this honey bee mum and the little boy bee.
I used to love watching Japanese animation series called “Minashigo Hachi” (Orphan Hachi) as a child. I got the inspirations from it. It is a story of a little bee named Hachi who is separated from his mother after evil hornets attack their hive. Hachi sets out on a journey to find her.

download (4)

He is often bullied by larger insects and reptiles, but some insects are kind and helpful. Humans are depicted as evil who destroy the environment. It is a TV program designed for young children but it deals with the theme realistic and serious as well.

His mother is the Queen bee. I remember her very beautiful with the large fluff around her neck. She had a pretty face and a tiny waist. My mummy bee isn’t that gorgeous looking, but I think they look happy together.

Happy Mother’s Day!

5 responses to “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. My mum adores bees so this story now has a special meaning to me 🙂

  2. Julie Henn says:

    These little bees are just GORGEOUS!!

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