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Japanese paper dolls

on March 28, 2014

As I learn to make Waldorf dolls, I started wanting to explore more in doll making.
There are so many different dolls, but I chose Japanese dolls. I guess I wanted to get in touch with my roots and learn more about my own culture.

I remembered that my mother had a large Japanese paper doll in a glass case at home. She said she made it by herself at a WI meeting years ago. It is a gorgeous lady doll wearing a traditional kimono. I certainly wanted to try this craft and got myself these books online.


The book has very clear, well detailed step-by-step instructions.

It has the flat doll projects and the 3-D doll projects. I had a go at the flat ones first and move on to a little more advanced dolls.

The 3-D dolls have the basic frame which is made with thin wires wrapped with cotton wool. I bought small polyethylene balls and wrapped them with tissue paper for the head. I could not find all the materials that the book suggests, but I could use alternatives.

The books have projects with the dolls wearing modern outfits, and these gave me inspirations for my knitting.

Unfortunately, I don’t think these books are translated in English. I hope someone will take on the task. It is utterly fantastic to create dolls with just using paper.

For me, shopping for paper is as exciting as shopping for yarns. In fact, I love all craft materials.

Once my friend said that I have as much material stock as a small craft shop which ran out of business, and I think she wasn’t too wrong. But all craft give me ideas for knitting and the best of all, I enjoy them all.

5 responses to “Japanese paper dolls

  1. lovely!! Tutorials plzzz!!

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