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Wet felted pouch

on March 21, 2014


Wool is utterly amazing. You can do so much with wool.

Wet felting is a good craft project for everyone to enjoy. In Steiner education, it is introduced in kindergarten. Have a go if you have never tried.

You need
*30g Coloured Merino wool
*About 50cm x50cm, a sheet of bubble wrap
*2-3 tsp any liquid soap
*500ml warm-hot water in plastic water bottle
*a sushi mat or a piece of plastic rug stopper (optional)

You know the heat and soap felt wool. You make soapy warm water in a plastic bottle for this project. You can use any soap, but since you will be rubbing the wool for some time, it is best to choose one which isn’t too harsh for your hands. I sometimes use body wash with mint chocolate or strawberry cream fragrance. It smells gorgeous!
A sushi mat or plastic rug stopper is to stop your project from slipping. You can also rub against it once the wool is felted quite firm.

1. Cut the bubble wrap to make the templates. This is going to be close to the finished size. Make the base corners round. You do not need to worry the length of the template since you can control it when you are layering the wool.

Make two templates like this one.

2. Place one of the template on the Sushi mat or plastic rub stopper if you are using one. Tease out Merino wool and lay it out horizontally (first layer). This is going to be the inner colour and you will not see it when it is finished.
Make sure your wool go over the edges about 1 inches.

3. Squirt soapy water just enough to make the wool damp.

4. Gently press down the wool with another sheet of bubble wrap template.

5. When the fleece is wet, remove the top template and set it aside. Gently lift the fleece with the original bottom template. Fold the excess fleece on the edges.IMG_0689

6. Repeat the step 2 and lay fleece horizontally on this side, too. You do not need to go over the edges too much this time. Repeat the step 3 to 5.

7. Now you should be back to the side you started. Lay out a different coloured fleece vertically this time, going over the edges about 1 inches again. This colour will be showing at the finish.

8. You can add some patterns at this stage.

9. Repeat the step 2 to 5.
10. Lay out the fleece vertically on the other side and repeat the step 2 to 5.

11. Start rubbing the fleece. Gently over the bubble wrap to start. Once the fleece starts to felt you can rub a little more vigorously. Use hand towel to soak up excess bubbles if it becomes too sudsy.
12. When the pouch has taken shape, remove the template inside. Place your hand inside the pouch and rub its edges and corners. At this stage, you can also cut one side of the top edge to make a flap if you would like.
13. When the pouch is firm and well felted, rinse it under the running water.
14. Squeeze out water and let it dry.


Add beads, embroidery or needle felting if desired.

Here are the pouches we made at spinners’ group.

You can make almost anything with felting; hat, scarf or jumper. You can make room boots, too.

4 responses to “Wet felted pouch

  1. beautiful colours look great 🙂

  2. ildi says:

    funny project!loved the pics!is it hard to attach a felted handle to the pouch?i never tried wet felting thats why i’m asking.thank you,ildi

    • knitsbysachi says:

      Handle is sewn to the pouch, using fairly strong cotton thread. It is not hard at all. Wet felting is fantastic and you can experiment many many different things. You can even make a large coat!

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