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Wet felting

on March 15, 2014

We made these at the local spinners’ group last week.

Wool is such a versatile, magical material. You can sculpt it with warm soapy water. With wet felting, you can make seamless bags, pouches, boots and even garments.

I hadn’t have wet felted for quite some time. I do like felting, but it does takes a while for fleece to felt. Doing it at home alone in the kitchen could be a little tiresome.

But at the spinners group, we have company. We discuss about the designs and the colours and, we give each other compliments.

We also talk about our everyday life, of course. We rub wool and rub some more as we chat. It is so fun!

I usually go for vivid colours when I do felting, but this time I chose more subdued colour combination.

It looked like this when I finish felting.

And I added some needle felting.

The finished pouch is thick and strong.

Here are some more samples that my tutor made to show us.IMG_0681

Wet felting is suitable for all ages and skills. It is used a lot in Waldorf education.
I am writing a tutorial soon.

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