knits by sachi

Modular knitting

on March 11, 2014

Modular knitting. I didn’t know there was a such thing until I came across this book a few years ago.


It is a simple but yet an exciting way of knitting. You knit many squares and triangles to make garments. You can make anything with knitted squares; hats, scarves, bags, toys and even jumpers.

It works the similar way as you make a blanket with crochet granny squares.

This is perfect for someone like me who likes making small pieces with many different colours. I am also a bit scared of knitting a large garment with many many stitches.

You don’t need to carry a large knitting kit when you travel. All you need is a bit of yarn and a pair of needles. You don’t need to carry a pattern either.

I haven’t got around to make a jumper yet, but I have made balls.
The instructions are found in this book. I made a little smaller than the original size which is about 15cm (6 in) height. You can easily alter the size by making each piece smaller and decorate anyway you would like.

I also tried a few original designs using the same principle.

One of the smaller balls are made with four rectangles. I also tried a base ball.


They can be soft and safe, nice toy for babies, wouldn’t you think?

You can find the information on the book here.
It is published by my favorite publisher, Search Press, of course.

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