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Bean Bunnies

on March 7, 2014

Bean bunnies

I love knitting bunnies. You cannot go too wrong with bunnies because of the characteristic long ears.
When I was designing animals for the Mini safari book, the most difficult animal of all was lioness. My knits always ended up looking like the cross between a dog and a bear!

I wanted to try a bunny with a little quirky look. I quite liked my first one and decided to make two more.

It is easy and you can make one in just one hour. How about making some for Easter?

Bean bunnies
Size: 4cm + ears
• Small amounts of white, soft yellow, light blue or light pink, dark brown and beige DK
• Stuffing
• A pair of 2.75mm (US 2) knitting needles

Starting with the base, cast on 6 sts with colour of your choice.
Row1: p
Row2: (kf/b) in each st (12)
Row3: p
Row4: (k2, kf/b) to end (18)
Row5-11: st/st
Row12: k2, k2tog, (k3, k2tog ) x 2 times, k2 (13)
Row13: p5, cast off next 4 sts, k to end (10)
Row14: k5, turn. St/st 4 rows on these sts. Break yarn and keep the sts on another needle or holder

With the right side facing join yarn to the other set of 5 sts and work5 rows st/st on these sts. Do not break yarn.
Row20: p across all the sts (10)
Row21: k1, (k2tog, k1) to end (7)
Break yarn, draw through sts, pull tightly and fasten off.

Ears: make two
Cast on 4 sts with light blue or pink
Row1-4: st/st, starting with p row
Row5: p1, p2tog, p1 (3)
Row6: k
Row7: sl 1, p2tog (2), pass the right st over the left and fasten off.

Cast on 8 sts on the both needle using white DK, release one needle and continue.
Row1: (kf/b) in each st (16)
Row2-6: st/st
Row7: (k2, k2tog) to end (12)
Break yarn, draw through sts, pull tightly and fasten off.

Making up
Sew the face seam using the fasten-off yarn end. Stuff the it and close the seam. Work a gathering thread through the cast on edge and pull tightly.
Work the gathering thread on the cast on edge of the body and pull tightly. Sew the body seam, stuff the base of the body with stuffing. Insert the head and secure it with stitches. Attach ears.
Embroider eyes and nose using 2 strands of dark brown DK. Embroider whiskers with 2 strands of beige DK.
*If you would like to flatten the base, pierce the body at the centre of the base with a threaded needle, take it out at the back of the neck and repeat. Pull gently.

I hope you will enjoy the pattern.

3 responses to “Bean Bunnies

  1. Julie Henn says:

    Thank you for this pattern, they are so cute! I agree, it’s the ears that make bunnies so quirky – I’m about to buy a bunny pattern if yours on etsy ( I’m still busy with the hare and tortoise, I had a major mishap with a glass of red wine, so had to start over). I made a lioness for Noah’s Ark – my husband thought it was a mole!!! Hehe! I love seeing your creations appear on Facebook. I confess I’m an extremely slow crafter, but like your tortoise I’ll get there in the end!

    • knitsbysachi says:

      Hi, Julie, sorry to hear about the accident. You weren’t drunk, were you? Maybe bunnies look drunk now all dyed in pink?
      Take your time and enjoy knitting (and drinking)…

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