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Happy Birthday

on March 5, 2014

birthday 2
Today is my younger son’s birthday.

My older son was born in Kent, UK, but the younger one was born in Tokyo. I still clearly remember the day he was born.

I chose a small clinic with the hospitalization facilities. I had planned to keep my newborn stay with me right away, but when the clinic offered me to relax on my own the first night I gratefully accepted it.

The baby room was located quite close from my room and I could hear the babies time to time.

There was a baby who cried very loudly in the middle of the night. I hoped it wasn’t mine.

Sure, it was. I got him.

He slept like an angel during the day and visitors admired him, but he would become very active at night and kept me busy.

That little baby is 15 today. I can hardly believe it.

I knitted these birthday animal set last week thinking of today.

The bunny holds a knitted balloon. I lightly stuffed the balloon and attached a very thin wire covered with a white floral tape. Floral tapes are quite handy sometimes. I stitched the balloon to the corner of the bunny’s ear to keep it upright.

I sometimes receive queries of how to embroider the face from my readers. I normally use French knot for the eyes and back stitches for the rest. When I make a French knot, I insert the embroidery yarn without making a knot in the end. I make the first knot for one of the eyes and move to the next. I pull the yarn and control the depth of the eye dent.

Embroidering the face isn’t too easy and I myself struggle often. I am still practicing.

I like all animals here, but I must say my favorite is the mouse. He looks active and a bit cheeky, just like my son.

2 responses to “Happy Birthday

  1. Happy birthday to your son, the animals are so cute! 🙂

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