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Baby lambs

on March 4, 2014

Here is my Mary and her little lamb. I always wanted to have a go at knitting them.


One of the exciting thing about spring is the births of lambs.

They can be born anytime, depending on when the ewes are bred. Many people have their ewes lamb in February or March.

I know some people in sheep farming business, and every year I ask them if they have any baby lambs. I pay visit to see newborns if there are any.

Lambs are utterly sweet as you can imagine. All babies are sweet no matter what animal they are.

Lamb’s wool are very precious, too. It is the first shearing of a sheep and you will never get it again from the same sheep, of course. It is sheared at around the age of seven months. It is very very soft and elastic. If you could eat it, it would surely melt in your mouth.

Lamb’s wool is used in high-grade textiles and I may be wasting it if I use for anything else, but I like needle-felting it.
I don’t card it and keep all the tiny curls. I just enjoy the feel.


I haven’t have luck last year. The farms I know is rather small and sadly, sheep numbers are decreasing.
I hope I get to have some lamb’s wool this year.

6 responses to “Baby lambs

  1. awwww Mary is adorable! I love the teddy too! 🙂

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