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Hinamatsuri, dolls’ day

on March 3, 2014

img_gaikan03 (1)
Today is Hinamatsuri in Japan. It is also called Doll’s Day or Girls’ Day and is a celebration dedicated to dolls.

Nearly every Japanese girl owns a special set of beautiful traditional dolls, which has either been bought especially for her, or has been in her family for generations.

The dolls are too precious to play with and are displayed in the best room in the house.

You can display the compact version of the Emperor and Empress set as above photo, but traditionally, we display all dolls on 7 tiers. The set should look like this.


Isn’t is something? And yes, I have my own set at my parents’ house, too.

The set comes with
The first platform: The emperor and the Empress
The second platform: Three court ladies
The third platform: Five male musicians
The fourth platform: Two Ministers
The fifth platform: Three protectors of the Emperor and the Empress
The sixth platform: The items used within the palatial residence

I used to love these little doll furniture. The table with miniature bowls and the chest of drawers were irresistible.

There are many modern style Hina dolls these days. I have seen bunny Hina dolls and Mickey and Minnie Hina dolls as well.

I have made my own Hina dolls of course. I made these.

I took lessons to make Japanese traditional dolls for about two years. You make the dolls using the special doll making kits. The doll base is made of wood and you paste Japanese patterned kimono fabric to the doll. Now I am qualified to teach this type of doll making, believe or not.

I also made these paper dolls.

I haven’t knitted Hina dolls yet. I should knit a set someday.

I guess I am besotted with dolls. The 3rd of March is my favorite day.

2 responses to “Hinamatsuri, dolls’ day

  1. Love all the dolls Sachi . I am from India and we have a festival for dolls called dasara. It’s celebrated for 9 days. We arrange ethnic dolls in similar fashion like yours. I loved your paper dolls also. I recently made doll house and paper dolls you can view that on my blog if you like. I also loved your Mary and the little lamb. Mary’s face looks so cute . Keep up your good work. Also I made my first attempt to design dolls and I designed three knitted dolls. I would love if you see them and tell me what you think about them. They are under my designs. My blog address is

    Thanks and regards,

    • knitsbysachi says:

      Thank you and yes, I saw your dolls. Lovely! They look a little retro style and I like them very much. You have put a lot of work into it. It must have taken quite some time. As a child, I always wanted to have a doll house. I should knit doll house dolls and some furniture to go with them! You have given me inspirations. Thank you for showing me all your work and let me know if you create more.

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