knits by sachi

Bramble Corner toy shop

on March 1, 2014

This was my favorite shop in Forest Row, West Sussex.

I said ‘was’ because the shop was gone when I visited yesterday.

I knew they were closing the shop in the village and starting to concentrate on the online business. I wanted to take a final look but I was too late.

The shop opened 10 years ago, the year we arrived in the UK. I was making dolls and toys but quite didn’t know what to do with them.

The shop wanted to become the outlet for my toys. I had never sold my craft until then and, their offer certainly made me feel myself a professional doll maker. Many of my dolls sat on their shelves.

Here is their buses and my knitted Queen gurad.

The shop had a unique atmosphere with a touch of retro style. The toys were a hand picked collection of the owner at many trade shows. The shop was so pretty and was featured in many magazines of course.


Our shopping style has changed drastically last 10 years. Everyone wants to shop online these days.

Bramble Corner is doing well online, but the owner is feeling sad to let go of the physical shop. She liked to have children in the shop, feel and touch the toys.

I was secretly wishing to have my book signing event here, but unfortunately, it will not happen.

But I will treasure the memories.


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