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Home baking

on February 27, 2014


I am not a fantastic baker, but I do enjoy home baking.

I have two teenage boys. When they come home from school, sometimes they go straight to their rooms and lock themselves in for rest of the afternoon.

I know, I know, it isn’t too easy to be a teenager.

I bake to show that I care. It seems they cannot resist home baked biscuits and cupcakes still warm from the oven.

My grand mother used to make ice cream at home. This is more than 30 years ago and, making ice cream at home was very unusual then.

I don’t know how she got the ice cream maker or why she thought of buying it. She didn’t eat ice cream.

I think she got it only for me.

When she knew that I was coming to visit her, she would wait for me with her ice cream ready in the freezer. She had a tiny fridge with the small freezer compartiment.

Her ice cream had bits of lumps and my mother thought it was terrible.

But it was my favorite, my grand-ma’s ice cream.

I guess home cooking is all about love and memories.

The cookies I made yesterday didn’t exactly turn out the way I wanted, but they were still tasty and my boys utterly loved them.

Well, they said they did.

2 responses to “Home baking

  1. love the pic, I think the puppies loved them too 🙂

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